Google Sniper Review part 2 – Who is Google Sniper for?

Ultimately, Google Sniper is mostly for people who are brand new to internet marketing.

It is best for those who need a basic understanding of affiliate marketing and how to get started doing it effectively.

This course is a solid foundation that can be built upon.

Like I said, the keyword research and on-page SEO portion is rock solid, which is the foundation of search engine marketing.

And without a solid basis, you can’t build anything that will stand tall.

On the other hand, it’s not for people who already know how to build affiliate websites and have a bit of experience doing SEO.

Those people are probably looking to take things to the next level and should look to a course that teaches some more advanced SEO tactics.

For example, a program like Bring The Fresh offers just that.


What are people saying about Google Sniper

A lot of Google Sniper reviews found online are a little mixed.

Some people praise it while others seem a little disappointed.

Here are some examples of positive things that people are saying:


Google Sniper is one of the best things that happened to me. I’ve been searching and searching for something good out there and I think I finally found it in Google Sniper. I think it’s packed with LOADS of information, and with a 60 day guarantee, why not?

Warrior forum member


I bought the first Google Sniper and it turned my internet marketing career around because I was new to internet marketing and did not know where to start.

Warrior forum member


I was lucky enough to be one of the original beta testers of the original Google Sniper back. I took George’s brilliant concept, ran with it, and haven’t looked back. It is now been 2 years since I quit my job, and I have dozens of Sniper campaigns up, together pumping out upwards of $400 each and every day. Utilizing Google Sniper tactics exclusively, I have been able to support my family and live a life most only dream of. This is a window of opportunity you DON’T want to let close. George, I can’t thank you enough for changing my life.

Gary Gregory, Official website testimonial


Can you propose any alternatives in this Google Sniper review?

Obviously, there are many other programs out there that teach the same thing as Google Sniper.

However, they are all a little different from each other.

Here is a look at some of the more popular alternatives.


Bring The Fresh: Similar to Google Sniper, but a stronger focus on off-site SEO. It teaches some cutting edge SEO strategies to make sure that your websites position well in the search engines. Where Google Sniper doesn’t really go in depth on this topic, Bring The Fresh makes it its focus. Combine both strategies and you will be unstoppable. Not quite as newbie friendly as the other programs on this list, but teaches how to take earnings to the next level. 7$ trial option with the full program costing 89$.

Click Here to visit Bring The Fresh

Affilorama: Membership program that teaches how to build affiliate sites. This program has been around for years and teaches the ins and outs of building profitable websites. It’s free to join, but the content for free memberships is limited. Full membership costs 67$ per month, but you get lots of stuff for that price. Very newbie friendly.

Click Here for the free trial at Affilorama

Wealthy Affiliate: Another program that has been around for years, this program also offers a free membership option. This is easily the program that offers the most options to its free members out of all these programs. The paid membership (19$ for the first month, 47$ per month after that) add tools and tricks that can help affiliates make more money even faster, but it’s not essential and you can make great progress off the free information alone. This is perhaps the best program out of all listed here, including Google Sniper.

Click Here for the free trial at Wealthy Affiliate

Niche Profit Classroom: Membership site that costs 67$ per month (but there is a 1 dollar trial offer for those who want to check it out). Teaches everything you need to know to build profitable affiliate sites, much in the same vein as Google Sniper. It costs significantly more, but there are a slew of tools that are made available to members. Things like hosting, a site builder and ready-made websites are given free to members.

Click Here to visit Niche Profit Classroom

(Note: Not currently available. Will update when it becomes open to registration again.


How much does Google Sniper cost? Is there a guarantee? Where can you buy it?

So here we are at the tail end of our Google Sniper review.

Overall, I’d say that this course is perfect for newbies who have little to no experience in affiliate marketing.

It teaches the basics and how to go after the low hanging fruit, but don’t expect to compete in more cutthroat markets.

If you’ve decided that you want to give Google Sniper a try, know that it costs a onetime amount of 47 dollars (that’s US dollars by the way).

There is a one time trial of the program (that costs 1$) and to access it, you need to go to the official site, and the close the tab or window it opened in.

Then, a popup will appear asking if you want to remain on the site or leave. Choose to stay on the site and then you will be presented with the 1$ trial offer.

Also, if you give it a try and decide that it isn’t quite for you, they offer a 30 day, no questions asked money back guarantee.

That means that even if you try it after reading this Google Sniper review and find it to be absolutely horrible, you don’t risk anything.

So if you do choose to buy it, make sure that you do it through the official website.

That way you know you’re dealing with the official Google Sniper people.

Here is a link to their official site:

Google Sniper Official Website – CLICK HERE


We’re done.

I don’t think that I have anything more to say in this Google Sniper review.

If you want more info, you’re going to have to see for yourself what it’s all about through the one dollar trial offer.